Fund-A-Bull Bulldogs in Rescue (Fund A Bull) offers nonprofit Rescue Groups nationwide the opportunity to apply for grant funding on an annual basis. Funding decisions are made each December. All applicants will be notified in writing of their grant status.

Fund A Bull awards funds to Rescues throughout the United States (active 501c3 status required). Grants are awarded for spay and neuter, vet care and medical expenses. Fund A Bull may receive multiple applications for funding each year, far exceeding our giving capacity. So unfortunately, we must turn down many worthy applicants.


Grant funding can be awarded for a specific campaign/dog or for general funds to support overall medical issues of the organization. The level of funding needed for a proposed project or program should determine the amount of the grant request. Each applicant will be evaluated by the organization’s needs, the services it offers and the quality of its management and financing.

Fund A Bull does NOT consider the following for funding:


  • Organizations without 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status

  • Organizations located outside the United States or Organizations utilizing grant funds outside of the United States

  • Organizations other than those dealing with Bulldogs


*While some nonprofit/foundations/charity/etc. do not require an application, or require follow up, we see the need to account for our funding and where it is going.

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Q: Are you a certified non-profit through the IRS with an approved 501c3 letter?

A: Yes, we are a government-recognized non-profit organization and have attained a 501c3 letter.

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