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About Us

My story started back in May of 2006. My Husband Rich and I adopted our first dog, yes, an English Bulldog from the Cape May County Shelter. He was 10 years old and his name was Spike. All I knew is that bulldogs had health issues and needed special care. My husband thought I was nuts for wanting to adopt a 10 year old bulldog. The shelter must have thought we could handle him, because they gave him to us unaltered. He was 10 years old, over weight and a bulldog. The shelter never thought he would make it through a surgery. I took Spike to two other vets thinking they would neuter him, they said the same. Spike is the love of my life and it will never change!!! We had Spike for 3 years and about 5 months…yes, we had a 13 year old bulldog!!!


A year or so after adopting Spike, we looked into Bulldog Rescues. I must have signed up for some email lists. The next thing I know, my husband has agreed to drive to West Virginia to transport a Bulldog for a Rescue. And this started our adventure in rescue. We have transported Bulldogs all over the place for various rescues. We have picked up Bulldogs from West Virginia, New York State (Buffalo, Rochester, Long Island), Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland to all over New Jersey. We have even transported Amish Breeder Bulldogs to North Carolina.


As we started out helping with Transporting Bulldogs, we soon started to foster after we lost the love of our life, Spike. Our first foster was Maze Mae. She was an Amish Momma Breeder. As most fosters do, we failed on the first try! We fell in love with her and she is our world and that will never change!!! While having Mazie Mae we started to foster Bulldogs here and there. We still transported too. My story started back in May of 2006. My Husband Rich and I adopted our first dog, yes, an English Bulldog from the Cape May County Shelter. He was 10 years old.

Our Mission

When Mazie Mae left us in April 2012, our world seemed to come to an end. So, we decided to do a fundraiser in her memory. And we did another one the following year.

In August of 2012, we started fostering, again. We got Evee Mae. We were her 3rd foster family. She had behavior issues and just did not seem to like people in her home, car, or yard. So Evee was hard to adopt. So, on Christmas Eve, one year after she was pulled from a shelter in Maryland, we failed for the second time and adopted her. Evee Mae is a part of our heart and always will be. As we did not think she was good with dogs, we still tried to foster and kept transporting.  We soon took Evee Mae to training and she became great with dogs.

We soon fostered Lily. Lily has health issues. And she had a bite history. We thought we found the perfect women to adopt her and she backed out the day before. We found another family to adopt her and they backed out the night before. No one wanted to deal with her skin allergies. Meanwhile, Lily was admitted to the Emergency Vet one Saturday morning unable to walk. We had no idea what was going on. We had to sit down with the Specialist and go through what medical history I knew. They diagnosed her with Immune Mediated Poly Arthritis. So, we failed for the third time and adopted her. Lily is now our soul and always will be!!!

With our heart and souls in our home, we continued to foster, transport, and continued doing small fundraisers for various rescues.


But with all of New Jersey and Federal rules/regulations/laws, we thought it would be easier to help rescues save bulldogs if we had our own Non Profit. So in July 2015, we became a Nonprofit in New Jersey. And as of March 2016, we are a 501c3.


We Need Your Support Today!

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