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From ABR - Doyle was found in a storm dirty and wet on Long Island NY. We took him from the shelter knowing he was positive for heartworm. He is around 3 years old and is seriously like having a giant stuffed animal. Smushy, friendly, calm and loving he just received his first shot for his heartworm treatment (10-4-16). There was vetting done prior to the treatment but the treatment alone is $650 because he weighs 105 pounds.



From ABR - Some things in life are just worth the wait ❤

Our boy Doyle patiently waited for his perfect home to find him and look at him now! An amazing home and a simply beautiful new best friend. We are beyond happy!



From ABR - Some things in life sure are worth the wait! Princeton patiently waited for his forever family to find him and now all his dreams have come true!


A huge thank you to his awesome new parents for giving this special boy a forever home 💗

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From ABR - Princeton showed up as a stray in Philadelphia, PA he is between 6-8 months old and has a severe limp after getting about 10 radiographs we now know that he has elbow dysplasia and Panosteitis which is most common in large breed dogs between 6 and 18 months of age. Male dogs are much more likely to get panosteitis then females. Princeton will need to be on tramadol and Rymadyl and we will also be seeing a holistic Vet for acupuncture and herbs to ease his pain.



From ABR - Mo was recently pulled from a shelter in GA. We took him in for a routine neuter, vaccinations, heartworm test etc. and he also turned up positive for heartworm. He will be arriving to his foster home on 10-8-16 and we will start his heartworm treatment as soon as possible.



From ABR - Stanley has a fractured femur bone. He is only 6-7 weeks old and has had radiographs at a primary Vet, Then had a visit with an Orthopaedic Vet who took more xrays. He is doing aquatherapy and will need follow up radiographs to check his progress. He could need surgery in the future. He looks t the world with wonder and doesn't deserve physical limitations. He is so eager to run jump and play.



Max was kept in a yard in trenton, tied up and starved…He ended up being pulled from a home in Aug 2016 by Trenton Animal Control

Max needed palate and nare surgery.  In addition to all of his other medical needs - Infected ears inside and out, Urinary Tract infection, skin infections and hookworms.

Max had surgery in October of 2016 after all of his other medical issues had been addresses and cleared.



Max, now Chunk, was adopted in January of 2017 to a wonderful family.  Max now has a home and a vacation home! He is now named Chunk bc his skin Brother was named Max.

Max also lives with a fur brothers. One named Wesley that was also adopted and the other is Popeye a one eye dog the family has adopted.

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August 2017 - Teddy

From RCBR - Please welcome our new guy, whom we pulled from a shelter. He was found as a stray but was likely dumped. As you can see, he has some serious skin issues that have been bad for a long time. He shows indications of possible abuse, but he is very sweet and wants to be around people. He is a fast learner. Stairs were tricky at first, but now he's taking them like a pro. We are letting him adjust to things at his pace, though.



From RCBR - He is doing great. He was adopted by an older gentleman in Mechanicsville (close to Richmond) who also has a basset hound named Fred. He and his wife are separated-but still very amicable-and she hangs out with Teddy all the time, too. They go to a local winery with Teddy and Fred and the dog park and other adventures.

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November 2017 - Julee

“From B2tR - Julee was attacked by an unknown dog on Sunday, Nov 5 and was found outside under her previous owner’s porch. Julee is an outdoor only dog. She was brought to the clinic with severe bite wounds to the left front leg, and some to the right side of her face and right front leg. Her wounds were cleaned and treated on Sunday night, but infection had likely already set in. Julee has significant necrosis of the skin under the left arm and infection below the skin around the entire arm. The area will require surgical debridement and bandaging with frequent changes for a few days to remove the infection. ·        She will likely be in the hospital for a week, and then coming back frequently for rechecks and bandage changes as she heals. I am hopeful that we will be able to tackle the infection without losing the leg, but it is still amputation is still a possibility.” - B2t



March 16, 2018 - Julee

From B2tR - Congratulations to our baby doll Julee she has been adopted

But in January 2018, Julee made 2 TV appearances in her spare time.

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une 2017 From 2 Bullies and a Blinde -  Daisy - Headed to VCA Metroplex Animal Hospital & Pet Lodge with this poor girl. She’s got terrible entropion and wounds all over her. We weren’t going to take any until after the move but this girl couldn’t wait.

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