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Creed is a spectacularly big personality shoved into the cutest, goofiest body of a bobbleheaded dog. Earlier this year he was surrendered to BARCS by his family because he was suffering a prolapsed rectum that they could not afford to fix. Between his care at BARCS and American Bulldog Rescue, the group who pulled him from the shelter, Creed has had several repair surgeries along with, sadly, several recurrences. This past week, he underwent what everyone hopes will be his last and permanently successful surgery, the colopex procedure. This surgery is reserved for the more difficult prolapse cases in part because it is a painful recovery. Fortunately our local vet wants the best for Creed as well and is overseeing his first week of recovery by keeping Creed comfortable and quiet in their practice. In about 5 more days he will be able to return to his foster home where he has won over his foster mom’s heart and even managed to fit in with the two resident dogs in pretty quick fashion. Creed is a perfect example for the role rescue organizations play. Here is a sweet, cuddly, loving, funny 2 year old dog who was seemingly loved and trained by his family (you should see his patience for a full food bowl!) but his medical needs proved too much for them. Without a rescue to take over his care from the shelter, he may not have had a lot of options. This young, vivacious buddy deserves a full life of love, fun, adventures, and good health! We at American Bulldog Rescue are deeply grateful by the generosity of Fund-a-Bull. We also ask all their supporters to send positive thoughts for Creed’s successful recovery!


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