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Meatball Pup-Date

Meatball is great!  Our “old man” refuses to believe that he is a hospice dog.  Our vet is constantly amazed by how otherwise healthy he is despite his age and some of the challenges he came in with.  We have been working on getting him at a healthy weight, doing some melatonin to help his skin, periodic antibiotics for his teeth, and glucosamine for his joints.  And boy does he now have some pep in his step sometimes!  He is able to get around our house and yard amazingly considering his blindness and deafness and he is just amazingly laid back and content.  The phrase “not all who wonder are lost” also comes to mind when seeing him in the backyard, as one picture shows- you just never know if he is happily wandering or actually needs help getting back!  Though we have multiple dog beds, he also likes to share with our 3-legged boxer, Giles- as seen in other picture.  Meatball definitely has a will to live and we are happy to bring him as much joy and comfort as we can as long as he is with us!


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