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Jett is about 15 months old and was left at a local vet office by the owner to be put down due to medical issues. The vet offices felt due to age and that most of the medical issues were correctable that rescue could be contacted as the last minute to help out. So Cal Bulldog Rescue that already had a good relationship with the offices was contacted to work with Jett.

Jett was acquired by a family that may have had the best of intentions to have a family pet, but mounting medical issues were never fixed or delayed until the final straw was an 'anal prolapse' that would consider several thousand collars for the family to correct. This was beyond even addressing the soft plate issue, double cherry eye and entropian surgery that the family had already been putting off for some other time. The prolapse was not one more medical issue the family could ignore or put off for some other time. The family had decided to have Jett put down and no longer have on going medical care issues. The rescue as contacted by the vet offices when the owner signed over the dog.


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