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Hi friends, My name is Lola Grace. I am a 5‐year‐old English Bulldog. I am also a foster dog and am being taken care of by my foster family through Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue in Dallas, TX. Before coming to rescue, I lived with my family for my whole life. I loved them with all my heart but something started happening with me so they had to make the hard decision to let me go so I could have a better chance to feel better. You see, I am sick. My family tried to figure out what was wrong with me but the expense of that was too much for them to be able to afford. I was losing weight and every time I ate something it came right out the other end.   Through many tests and procedures, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) which caused me to also have Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE). From what my vets and foster momma have learned, this is something I will never be able to overcome BUT we can manage it with medications and my diet. Foster Momma also said I will probably be in rescue for a while. At least until they can get my condition under control. Then hopefully there will be a very special family that will understand me and my needs. Foster momma and dad said they are happy for me to stay as long as I want because they love me with all their heart. Let me tell you a little about myself. Stuff that doesn’t include this silly disease. My birthday is December 23rd, 2015. I am very tiny for an English Bulldog (only 29 pounds). I am sometimes a little scared of new people when I first see them but as soon as they touch me, I just melt. I love everyone and everything. Foster Momma says she doesn’t think I have an aggressive bone in my body. I don’t really play with toys, but I just love to flop onto by back and roll around. It is so much fun! I am a huge fan of a good comfy bed. I don’t get to explore much in the food area, but my most favorite snacks so far are baby carrots. They are amazing! So crunchy! My foster momma and dad are Scott and Suzy Poile. My foster momma is filling in this application for me since I cant read, write, spell or type.


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