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Story Lil dude Yoda came to American Bulldog Rescue when his owner contacted us because he could not provide the medical care Yoda needs. Yoda has a condition called megaesophagus (ME). It causes him to regurgitate food because his esophagus cannot carry food to the stomach. When not addressed, an ME dog can starve, suffer malnutrition, suffer from aspiration, and typically their lives are drastically shortened. When addressed, an ME dog can live a full and long life. Yoda is only 4 years old and could have a long life ahead of him yet! Yoda is an absolute gem of a dog and deserves a shot at the long and full life. He's been assessed by an internal medicine vet to rule out underlying causes and pinpoint, as best they can, the cause of Yoda's ME. It turns out that Yoda has a "sliding hiatal hernia" which causes his stomach to slide up into his chest cavity and interfere with the natural functioning of his esophagus. That alone would be enough, right? Except Yoda, as an English Bulldog, also suffers from Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS). This is common with bulldog breeds with smushed in faces. For Yoda, this causes some labored breathing and, when he's having a bad time with the hernia, he has to work hard to breathe. We are working to raise the funds to get these surgeries for him. He has a surgical consult on September 21, after which we hope to have a quote for these procedures. With the combination of conditions the internal specialist vet has indicated there may be special considerations and procedures to ensure Yoda's safety and a speedy, healthy recovery.


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