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We received a message from a local shelter that they had a very sick bulldog in that needed rescue. He was found a stray and not claimed. They took him to a vet immediately, as he passed out upon arrival to the shelter and was bleeding from his penis. That vet determined he had not only a prolapse urethra, but also an enlarged heart, spinal injury and eye tumors. His prognosis was listed as “poor” and euthanasia was recommended. The shelter knowing this boy had so much life left in him, took him to another vet for a second opinion. That vet offered the same prognosis and also recommended euthanasia. They made a plea to rescue to help. I picked him up assuming I would give him a couple good days of spoiling before helping him cross the rainbow bridge. But upon arrival, he was so happy and not in any pain. How can we not give him a chance?

We had a consult with both general surgery and ophthalmology this week. The ophthalmologist concluded his eyes masses are benign cysts and nothing to worry about. His ulcer, which may have been caused by a chemical burn, is also healing well. That’s our only good news. His prolapse needs surgical correction but he’s had more episodes of passing out, so we need to see a cardiologist first before he can undergo surgery. We also sadly found that he has a mass on his liver. We’re waiting for cytology results and starting holistic treatments at home until he’s stable enough to undergo surgery. Despite everything, this baby is sooooo happy! We can’t imagine not giving him a chance, even though it will be a very expensive endeavor.

Garth needs: eye specialty consult/treatment of cysts and ulcer, ultrasound results and cytology of liver mass pending, cardiac referral (probably will require halter monitor), surgical removal of liver mass if appropriate/able, surgical repair of prolapsed urethra, and eventually neuter.


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