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Maisie was found wondering in the heat of summer in southern Indiana. She was taken to the local shelter where they immediately sought veterinary care for her infected tail pocket. It appeared she recently had puppies as well. She was not microchipped and no one came forward to claim her at the shelter. After her stray-hold was up, the shelter contacted us to see if we could help. They knew she would need continued care before she was ready for adoption. We were hoping with proper care, her tail pocket would be manageable. Unfortunately it flares up as soon as antibiotics are stopped; and now an abscess has formed where the tail rubs inside. A tail amputation is the only way to improve her quality of life. Her surgery is in just a few days; she'll also have her elongated palate corrected while she's under, and of course spayed! She is such a sweet girl. She would prefer to be the only dog, but her ideal home would be snuggled up to her human on the couch just relaxing. All she wants is love and attention. 


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