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PAWS rescued Monsieur from ACCT Philly in early October after this 10 year old sweetheart was surrendered to them as a stray. Since being in our care, Monsieur has been a gentle and loving soul despite struggling with numerous ailments. He came to us with a severe upper respiratory infection, undiagnosed hindlimb ataxia, and ear, skin, and eye infections that required extensive diagnostic testing and multiple rounds of antibiotics. After clearing up his persistent URI, Monsieur went to a loving foster home to be in a calmer environment while we focus on making him a great adoption match. We are still working to diagnose the root cause of his back leg stiffness and trouble walking but were able to secure a donated wheelchair, which has allowed him to gain significant mobility and quality of life in the meantime! As Philadelphia makes great progress towards becoming a no-kill city, the animals whose lives now hang in the balance are sick, injured, or suffering from age-related illnesses, just like Monsieur. While it is a sign of progress that as the city's largest rescue partner we can focus on rescuing the most vulnerable animals, it also means that the cost to provide the medical care that one animal needs has risen dramatically. While it would be incredible to receive support totaling the entirety of the medical care that PAWS has invested in Monsieur, a grant of any size will go a long way towards ensuring we have the funds to rescue the next vulnerable dog and provide all the the care they need.


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