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Moscato was brought into KCEBR from Butler, MO where she was found wandering the streets. Once in our care moscato was diagnosed with a ruptured eye and prolapsed vaginal in which we have now fixed and resulted in removal of one eye. She is a sweet loving girl who just wants to be outside when she can. Great with other dogs and kids until its meal time as she is a little stingy and is currently battling IBD as well. As her IBD hurdles continued and our primary doctor exhausted all possible treatments she was referred to a specialist to try and manage these problems. While under the specialist care during an ultrasound the doctor saw something concerning and ordered a scope and biposy to determine if our sweet girl has cancer or if its just a fungal infection. As we wait for results, Moscato is getting the best care and love from her foster parents and enjoying the cool weather outside. 


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