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Petunia was an owner surrender to the SPCA shelter in Gettysburg, PA – the surrendering owner was actually Petunia’s second owner who had only adopted her a few weeks prior. While in the care of the SPCA, the staff noticed yellowing of Petunia’s fur and she had a slow urine leak. They called it spay incontinence and asked SNORT to take her in. Once in our care, it was clear that the medication was not helping and after further vet evaluation, she was diagnosed with ectopic ureters. This is an extremely rare condition found in less than 1% of dogs. Without surgery, Petunia would suffer from constant infections as well as risk of hydronephrosis, which is a urine back-up in the kidneys. Petunia underwent laser surgery, and while we’re still unsure of her long-term prognosis, she is currently leak-free since her surgery which means she is no longer at risk of hydronephrosis. Her foster family describes her as an incredibly sweet, friendly girl.  


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