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Moscato Pup-date

We thankfully have an update on our sweet girl as the results has finally came back. Moscato has a severe case of irritable bowel disease. She was in a chronic episode and that is why we were unable to get her gain weight or to have a normal pooping regimen. Dr. Grigsby was relieved that there was no cancer And she started her on an aggressive drug regimen of prednisone MiraLAX, and praline, which is a probiotic. We also changed her food type to prescription food hills biome. We follow this course of action for weeks and finally the report we received from the foster was her poop was pretty normal. She still had some anal leakage, but things were looking better. After a long discussion with Dr. Grigsby we decided to continue the drug regimen but remove the MiraLAX and give her bowels a little bit more time to get healthy we think within the next couple of weeks she’ll be adoptable.


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