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Poppie is a young bulldog who was admitted with a horribly mangled from leg. She was playing along a fence line in the backyard when it went horribly wrong. The other dog got hold of her leg and tore it apart. Her owners got her to the ER vet but couldn’t afford any treatment so left her there to be euthanized. Thankfully the vet staff called TABR to see if they could help. Her estimated cost for care was $1500-2500 to save her leg. She got surgery immediately to try to clean and close the wounds. Unfortunately, the largest gash could not be closed since there was not enough skin. She had to have hyperbaric chamber treatments over the weekend and continue to be sedated in order to keep her would clean and continuing to heal. We hope to get her home from the vet soon however the original quote did not include the hyperbaric chamber treatments or additional care over the weekend. We expect our final vet costs just to save Poppie alone to be upwards of $2500-3000.


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