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Sulley Pup-date

Sulley has been a snuggly boy for as long as he's been with his Austin Bulldog Rescue foster.  He just loves meeting new people and making new friends.  Even when he was feeling his worst and hospitalized at the emergency vet while dangerously anemic, he was constantly wagging his tail.  We knew this guy would be perfect for someone looking for their best friend forever.  And that's exactly what his adopter was looking for when first applied with ABR -- a loyal and friendly companion who would be open to socializing with dogs and people alike but also be totally content with a lazy day on the couch.  When dad walked in that day to meet Sulley, they were mutually smitten.  Sulley cozied up next to him right away and decided that this is his person.  He'll be dad's first dog of his own, and we are so happy to know they will get to spend many happy years together. 


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