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Toby was surrendered to an emergency clinic when he was 10 weeks old due to diagnosis of a urethral fistula requiring expensive emergency surgery. Snort assumed financial responsibility for him so the surgery could take place. He was then discharged into foster care assuming his issue was resolved. He continued to have antibiotic resistant bladder infections and urinary incontinence. He was seen by internal medicine who conducted a CT scan and contrast study. This found that Toby has a right ectopic ureter and will need a second surgery. The surgery consult will be on 10/25 with surgery tentatively planned for 10/26 with a verbal estimate of at least 5-6k. Official estimate will be received on 10/25. Toby is now 6 months old and has quite the adorable underbite and three toed front paw. He loves everyone meets and is as stubborn as he is cute.


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